Thursday, 11 August 2016

Foxy lady

I was recently asked to do a little appliqué for a very personal project by a wonderful customer of mine. I would love to tell the story behind it but it's not mine for the sharing. However, whilst she and some of her family were at mine for a cuppa and a chat, her daughter spotted some of my prototypes and asked for one of my foxes for her birthday. That date has gone so it is now safe to share this picture. I am so lucky to have been asked by this customer to make a range of items for celebrations and life events. It adds so much more meaning to my work and makes me feel very lucky.

Goth Girl

I do love making to order. If you get a hint of the person's interests or even personality it makes the mind spring to life with ideas. This girl was made for a young woman's Birthday gift as ordered by her godmother. Apparently she is a true blue (or should that be black?) Goth and loves all thing black. I hope she is happy with her.