Sunday, 15 January 2017

A family in felt

PollyWhistle Badger
A long standing customer of mine got in touch early last year having seen a picture of my recent fox. She wanted three little friends as Christmas presents for three of her children. It was so satisfying using my own patterns and heritage quality materials as these were made with 100% wool felt and wool stuffing.

As you can image, I had great fun and I'm glad to say they proved very popular on Christmas day. I was even sent a picture of Super Hero badger in bed with Super Hero boy.

PollyWhistle Fox

PollyWhistle Mouse

Friday, 6 January 2017

Poppies for Paige

I'm very fortunate in that much of my work is made to commission. People get to hear about what I do and get in touch with a loose idea for a gift. This often means I get to work on celebratory pieces.

It's important to me to make everything so that it lasts. Yet when I am day dreaming that the little boy whose birth is being marked by my bunting might one day turn up at a surprise 50th Birthday party to find it hung up, that commitment becomes even stronger.

I was asked late last year to make a cushion to celebrate the birth of a little girl. She was expected in December and I would receive the name and birth date as soon as it happened. Well the little minx arrived weeks early! Thankfully she was absolutely fine (as was mum) and as she was born on 11th November it was agreed the cushion should feature poppies.

As is often the case I was so excited about getting the item delivered I didn't make time to take any good photos but here are a couple of images anyway. The customer was extremely happy and even gave me a copy of a beautiful picture of the tiny new child laying in her fathers hand. It just goes to show how much giving a bespoke gift can mean.