Monday, 11 September 2017

Work in progress

I started work a few months back on some new toy ideas. Something simpler (or so I hoped) to make than my usual animals and ones that could translate well into linen and cotton print fabrics as well as the 100% wool felt I love so much.

I wanted to be able to try them out in bright colours as well as the more natural shades and have a good all round play. So I started with some basic sketches on paper and then in calico which I felt went ok. I progressed a reasonably easy one, the mouse into colour and felt pleased that one a few adjustments would be needed for a final prototype.

Then I made the (quite mad) decision to try out one of the more complicated ones. But poor old Mr Lion is not playing ball and has still not worked to my satisfaction - not on the first, second or even third prototype. I can see progress and hope that I am nearly there so I can play around with the other 5 or 6 designs I have started and in the other materials too.

Yet with the Christmas period just around the corner and several craft fairs to prepare for I may have to put them all back in the box until the new year. I already have orders for Angels and Art Dolls to work on and a new textile collage commission to complete too. It's a lovely dilemma what to work on first when everything is a joy to make.  

This week I will be mostly....

Making new ones of these!
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