Friday, 22 June 2018

A little bit of much needed magic

It's been one heck of year, mostly revolving around the illness and subsequent death of my father a last month and house move. Needless to say most of my making activity has been on halt but this time has given me the chance to rethink my plans, get focused and be really clear about what matters to me. So when the chance came to go to the opening night of an exhibition of new work by one of my textile art heros I jumped at the chance. 

Mister Finch's The Wishing Post at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park was everything I could have hoped for and indeed needed to restore my fretful mind after such as tough time. The work was beautiful, magical and fun, the atmosphere buzzing with excitement and I had two joyful travelling companions for the entire adventure.   

I cannot recommend the exhibition and accompanying book enough. The story is wistfully happy and the menagerie of characters created by Mr Finch from reclaiming vintage and antique fabrics and treasures is delightful. 

Go see it. Now!!! (It's on until 23rd September)